Saturday, 15 June 2013

Be Bold Stay Real

If ever in life, your self confidence has been shattered in a fraction of a second OR you have questioned the purpose of your existence OR you’ve lost all the hope in life, then…. you are ‘the chosen one’!(Brownie points for all those who thought, this paragraph made no sense. ) You are the chosen one to read this article.

There’s a lot of back biting, stealing of ideas, favoritism happening at a lot of places while you read this article. We all have been victims of the same at least once in life, which later, becomes a stepping stone to your success only when you tackle it wisely; for which you need to be bold and stay real. Whichever way you go- with the flow or against it, retain your identity because it would be only then that you’d cherish the entire journey.

Wickedness, diplomacy, betrayal are the grim realities of life. There’s no person who hasn’t encountered any but it is only the bold who’ve survived through it.  There’s politics everywhere. People measure their success by scrutinizing the progress of their subordinates in the name of competition.

Being ‘bold’ is not being rebellious, blunt, outspoken in the eye of – ‘This is me, I’m what I’m’ - which is a classic reason to justify why things didn’t turn out your way. “I’m honest and there’s no place for people like me in this world… so be it.” – Only an incapable person speaks like this and he/she cannot be called bold.

 Imagine a script you’ve worked on for weeks is suddenly given to someone else to shoot.
One might simply tell the team leader, “This isn’t fair…. You can’t do this to me?”
Another person might say, “I will lodge a complaint against you, I’ll make sure this episode isn’t shot”.
While the other, might just go home and cry and blame it all on destiny.  If this is your real self… you are definitely not happy being real and if you aren’t happy , you aren’t real.. You first need to understand if it is deliberately done to put you down or it is because of some other genuine reason.  Think, will taking this shit explore more opportunities or it is going to get worse? If it is the latter, stand up for yourself because being bold is tackling a situation intelligently, not speaking too much but speaking wise. Be BOLD..

You cannot speak to a German person in Spanish, he/she won’t understand anything, hence speak in the language which people understand. Give them a taste of their medicine.  Modify yourself, do not change. It is only an insecure person who yells, the wise ones don’t need to. NOTE…Sometimes stepping away from the situation is the wise solution, and one should be bold enough to do that too. . 

Before being bold be real because not every bold person is real but every real person is bold. A painter can always create a duplicate of his work but it can never match the fineness of the prior. We are always best when we’re natural and spontaneous, in other words – when we’re ‘real’. We never face any conflict within and a clear conscience is the asset of satisfaction It is extremely important to be real; retain your own identity to be happy. Also, when you are real you believe in yourself. Hence, when you believe in  the advertising concept or a business plan you might pitch for , it is quite easy to make other’s believe in it .

Irrespective of the decision of the majority you are always satisfied when you do what you believe. . Not every happy person is satisfied but every satisfied person is happy.
So, stay real.

They say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You actually have no other choice as the only way to move ahead is being tough.

Yes tough people are bold and real but only in situations that demand them to be. So, analyze the situation and ‘Be Bold and Stay Real’ to make it a stepping stone to your success.
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  1. Being ‘bold’ is not being rebellious...agree!
    It's more about being confident...more of self!
    Nice read!!

  2. Very well wrote
    Never change yourself but modify yourself as per the situation

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.