Sunday, 30 June 2013

On a rainy day

On a rainy day, I heard the sound of rain drops but when I looked out of the window the sky was clear and sunny. I wondered for a while as to why did I think it is a rainy day when it is clearly not. I deviated my thoughts to ‘the big’ moment of my life. All those chairs were occupied, the mike was set , looking at their notebooks and pens I heard my name being announced , thinking of how far I have come I began walking up, towards the stage. I could see all producers and creative directors of the Indian television industry, anxiously waiting to hear me speak about how they did it all wrong.  

As I began transferring my thoughts into speech a strange noise overlapped my voice and  I realized that no one could hear a word of what I spoke (not even me). No one could hear the dialogues but just the quirky background music…. I didn’t know what was happening . The sound was so irritating that I immediately closed my eyes and covered my ears with my hands. With the sound becoming intense and louder with  every passing second, I forcefully opened my eyes only to realize that it was all a dream .  

Everything around me had changed apart from two details – The sound of torrential rains and the irritating sound that made my dream mute. I looked around and traced my phone flashing under my bedsheet  and then all the loose ends connected. I could see the mobile flashing but had to turn the whole bedsheet upside down to reach it. It read ‘ Messy calling…’ .

 Mishti A.K.A Messy is my best friend.
Best friends are the only successful choices that we don’t intend making and after a few years we rest our failures on the premise -‘Unplanned and natural is the only way to a happy life’, when deep within we know that the statement makes no sense. I met Mishti at a bar, to be precise outside the bar. How we met and became the best of friends is a tale. 

I picked up the phone and said, “It is 8.00 am and I would proceed with this telephonic conversation only if you are dying.”

There was a long pause which made me suspect some network problem, owing to which I entered my terrace and got all wet in the rain…. Yes, this time I not only saw it raining, but felt it.  I rushed back into my bedroom and couldn’t believe the words I heard- “I’m getting married in the next  5 hours”.
Everything went quiet around me until I heard my own voice say, “Are you pregnant ?”

 “This is exactly why I didn’t tell you anything Kriti. Please stop your imagination, get ready and come to pick me up in exact 20 minutes.  I’ll wait for you at the ‘Mewadwala's ice-cream car', I’ll tell you everything then.”

“If you are getting married at 1pm then why did you call me at 8am? Can’t we leave by 12?”

“NO, there are a lot of things to do ...''

“Please define those ‘lot –of-things’ and be precise”

“I’m getting married and I can’t be more precise…. Meet me in an hour . Bye!”

Messy had cut the phone but I kept thinking about ‘the lot of things’ when my phone rang again. This time it was a message from Messy, it read –‘Stop thinking. You have 20 minutes to get ready”.

The last thing on my mind was to step out in this rain. Ohh How I hated rains.

I hurried with every single activity.I did everything else apart from bathing and breakfast.  I opened my closet and a huge pile of clothes fell off all over me when I realized that I shouldn’t be the centre of attraction wearing jeans and some silly top that read ‘I’m what I’m’  as everyone else will be wearing a sari or Patiala. I quickly selected my flashy red Patiala wore the matching jewellery , put on some basic make up  and left my place. When you need something the most you never find it, I couldn’t find an umbrella and I was running out of time. I stepped outside my house  and saw Asian Paints workers painting the passage wall. Their umbrellas were lying around in the passage . I walked very confidently and picked up one of their umbrellas. My day had begun with stealing a painter’s umbrella and I prayed to God  to not have Mishti make me dance around the city in this outfit. For a second I had an image of a lady wearing flashy red clothes moving around the city with an asian paints umbrella.

Life didn’t surprise me,it was raining cats and dogs and I couldn’t spot a single empty ‘Rickshaw’. After 15 minutes I finally found one.   As I was nearing the Mewaadwala, I saw the image of a girl wearing  polka-dotted half pants and a black sleevless top covered with loose hair, becoming larger with every step towards her. Yes, it was Messy.

 “I thought you were getting married? So it was all a lie?”
“It was a half-lie?”
“So what was true and what was not of what you said.”
“I would have never got married if you had not come today?”
 “I'm in no mood of playing match the column. Who is the boy? Your dating pattern is damn confusing. The last person I knew of, was Vicky.”
“Not he…. I broke up with him 6 months ago”.
“But last month you’d told me that you went on a date with him.”
“Yes, we had just met as I was going through a bad phase with Gurmeet.”
“You dated Gurmeet , I’d thought it was your rule no. 5, No dating best friends’ ex?”
“Shamita is just a friend , you are my best friend.”
“When did you wipe off the prefix?”
“When I decided to date Gurmeet.”
“So you are getting married to Gurmeet ?”
“No…. Jairaj”.
“What , who is Jairaj?”
 “I met Jairaj 20 days ago and he is a great guy. I have never been in so much love ever before.”
“That is what you tell me up to the 20th day of your every relationship and then begun abusing the boy.  ...This is the doom day the 20th day....Do you want to get married on the doom day. Think about it. History says,tomorrow you might not want to.”
“He is a Gujju Businessman.”
“Okay then…. Right Catch”.

"I told Shesta about it 10 days ago. She asked me to mail our horoscopes to her.  I mailed it to her the next day. A week ago she replied saying, he is going to get married on the 1st of this month, but I won't…..  So if it is not me he will be getting married to someone else. I even spied on him for 2 days, he doesn't even look at any other girl. Hence, to avoid any mishap I've decided to get married to him today. I shall inform everyone after the marriage.”

"Messy so you are actually trying to prove Shesta wrong? Is it? If she is proven wrong by her most dedicated disciple ideally that dedicated disciple should not be consulting her again?"

"I don't know."

Stumped at her stupidity I said, “Ohh please stop following that psycho horoscope lady, she has done no good to your life. She told you to leave your dream job…”

“And at my next job , no matter how demeaning it is ….I met Jairaj. Rickshawala yahan se right lena….”
“Where are we going?”
“To the temple. ”
“Have you informed Jairaj?”
“Yes. He didn't question me once…. He will be coming to the temple with his 3 friends.”
“Love is indeed blind”.
“See , I told you he loves me.”
“Can’t you just apply some common sense and think. If he loves you so much and if you know he isn’t cheating on you ….. how the hell will he get married to someone else?”
“That question is responsible for my de-glamorous look on my wedding day. I had 20 minutes but all I did was thinking….By the way, Shesta has told me to get married by 11.30 am”

Now that I was convinced about the marriage I thought of its requirements“We need a pandit and a  Lawyer.”

“Pandit will be there in the temple and thanks to 'Justdial' for the Lawyer, Mr. Dubey. I contacted him a week ago and told him to get all the paperwork done ,see I have got all my documents in here.”
“Great … so …aa…”
“Kriti, Jairaj will be buying the mangalsutra but we need to buy garlands and sindoor”.
“That is fine we’ll buy it on our way.’’

We got down at a flower shop on the way.  Messy opened the Asian paints Umbrellla as rains hadn’t stopped by then.  She told the lady, “ Please pack these 2 garlands fast.”

Looking at my flashy dress the lady looked at me , smiled and said, “Marriage?”
I  too smiled and said, “Yes.”
The lady looked at Messy and said, “Why are you selecting the garlands , let her select?’’

Messy was about to hit the lady with the same garlands when I quickly paid the money and dragged Messy away into the Ricksha.

We reached the temple at 10.45. Messy wanted to sign the papers first i.e before 11.30 and then intended performing other traditional Hindu rituals. Jairaj hadn’t come yet. While Messy was over the phone yelling at Jairaj and the lawyer for being late I took the initiative to arrange the requirements for the traditional style wedding.

“Kriti it’s 11.15 and Jairaj isn’t come yet …. Now his phone is also unavailable. I think he is getting married to someone else.”
“How do you expect the network to function normally in these sort of  rains and Jairaj to not meet any traffic or water logging .”
“I don’t care, I want the signatures done before 11.30”.

No sooner did she say that and we saw Jairaj with his 3 friends climbing the temple staircase fully drenched in rain. They hugged each other and pleasantries were exchanged between all of us. However, Mr. Dubey was nowhere in the scene.  Messy kept on calling him.

Listening to Mr. Dubey's -'I'm the best', dial tone, Messy said, “I think he has ditched us, I don’t know what to do now..."

Messy was about to cut the phone, irritated at the dial tone when  Dubeyji  answered the call. 

In complete agitation Messy said, “Dubeyji  only two minutes are left…. Where are you?’

“I’m climbing the staircase of the temple. I was late because of these heavy rains and …If only you'd not chosen a temple with such a time consuming staircase, I would have been there by now.’’

“ Dubeyji  I’ll ask my boyfriend to build a temple without a staircase for you but please run faster, I am standing with my best friend  and my boyfriend and  his 3 friends, as soon as you reach here first get the signatures done before asking anything else….. anything else. This is a very crucial moment , you will just have few seconds. So quickly get the papers ready while your climbing, my boyfriend will pay you double the original amount.”

Dubeyji climbing the staircase was like watching a potato being thrown towards the temple.  He ran along the staircase with a file in his hand. On reaching, Jairaj greeted him saying, "Hello, I'm Jairaj", however, Dubeyji didn't shake hands with him. He quickly glanced at everybody. 

He opened the file and asked everybody to sign on the papers. It all happened in such a hush-hush that everyone did as Dubeyji had said without uttering a word. Once the signatures were done, Messy breathed a sigh of relief, hugged Dubeji  and said , Thank You. .

 Dubeyji asked for water. She offered him her pink water bottle and then went on to hug Jairaj. Dubeyji wiped of his face with his wet handkerchief that made no difference to his face what so ever and said, “ I did it … on time”.

But what happened next was something that ignited fireworks in the rain.

Dubeyji congratulated Jairaj and then turned towards me and congratulated me as well.
Shaking my hands involuntarily with Dubeji I looked at Messy. I could guess looking at her face that she was definitely thinking what I was thinking.

With tears waiting to fall off her eyes she asked Dubeyji, “Did you think she is the bride and took her signatures in the respective column?’’

Dubeyji looked at everyone of us for around 1 second each and then looked at Messy , smiled and said, “YES, she is the bride”.

Messy screamt so loudly that the temple bell shivered . I didn’t know if I should have been consoling myself or Messy. I froze to death. Messy was rolling on the floor and crying.  Dubeyji didn’t understand anything. I so wished this to be  a dream.

Messy  quickly got up to call Shesta. She said, “Jairaj accidently got married to my best friend in front of my own eyes….. now what do I do?”
Shesta said, “Ask the lawyer.” 

Dubeyji said, “There’s nothing much to worry about…. This matter can be fixed in a few court rituals”.

I’d decided to write about this incident once the matter was resolved. Yes I’m  single now and according to the court I was never ever married to Jairaj.  The rainy day was the 20th day of Messy’s relationship . For now Messy is back  with Vicky and she says, “He is a great guy. I have never been in so much love ever before.”

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Epic Encounter

With a bag of vegetables in one hand, an umbrella in the other, lashing rains on my brain, not only did I think my life couldn't get more chaotic but  I wondered as to why I am moving around with my cell phone stuck between my chin and neck, instead of putting it in the bag. I entered into the parking area which had a roof , released my phone to fall onto the bonnet surface of the car. Now keeping the umbrella hand between my neck and shoulder , I placed the bag at a lower angle such that the phone might slide to exactly enter the bag.

Yes, you guessed it right, all my geometry went wrong and the phone fell down into the puddle. Spontaneously, I kept the vegetable bag on the floor (which I didn't want to wet by placing on the floor) and the umbrella too fell off leaving a scar on my cheek when all my senses ran down to get the cell-phone. No one could help it…. It was dead.

No, it wasn't this mishap that was bothering me but it’s effect that generated – ‘I have made all the wrong choices in my life’ type, rain of thoughts. I had just reached the peak of self-evaluation process –‘Why do I exist?’, and was about to reach the conclusion of the same when I bumped into Athena in the lobby of my wing.

I’m someone who’d first look at a person’s attire before anything else; actually given a choice I’d only look at that but it was always the other way round with Athena. She always moved around with her own world of imagination and fantasy. Whatever she spoke, she spoke with irreplaceable amount of conviction.

 Once Nitin’s cat had killed her Rabit… according to her, eaten it. When Nitin refused to let go off his cat ,she came up with the most creative stories, I've heard . The first story was - Once the cat sat through the entire ‘Bhoot’ movie and since then she’d started behaving weird. She convinced Nitin’s parents and everybody that a ghost resides in the cat. Everybody believed her apart from me, her mother and Nitin of course. It was two months later that the cat was sent away. Since then cats had a special place in her heart.

 She had always liked only one coconut tree in our building, she had named it –‘Mango’…. Due to some construction issues, it was decided to cut down this tree…. She told everyone that the tree speaks and it had told her that if it is cut down someone from the ‘J’ wing would die and an ailing great grandmother of someone really died. Since that day people stood beneath the tree for hours asking questions but there were no answers. Many a times Athena was asked to help but she always said that the tree just spoke once. Most people appreciated her intelligence to protect the tree, while some even after 13 years, stand beneath the tree, asking questions and take it as a yes if a leaf /flower falls and vice versa. I can go on and on describing her character but for now…..

She was standing like a statue in the lobby, reading some paper. Having known Athena since 18 years  I knew the page was either  a page of some novel  and she was trying to figure out the novel to which it belonged, in fact she must have  also dreamt of uniting it with it's parent, I can bet my life on that OR it was a piece written by herself and she was thinking of ways to make it better.

Thinking about a dominant possibility, I stood in front of her for about 2 minutes until I was distracted by the unusual smell like that of a mixed fart of 3-5 species. I turned to my left and saw , ‘Emu aunty’ (she looked like an emu) .

Ignoring the smell and suspicion(if it was her or her dog)I said, “Hello…e…e.. aa… a.. aunty!” (I thanked my sensory organs for not saying EMU)

She said, “First it is Athena who is standing here in the same position since the time I've got  Bummy (her dog) down for a walk and then it is you… and you two just refuse to get distracted?

I said, “I've just got distracted.’’

She said, “Ohh.. I guess you both were up to something very important , sorry for the sound disturbance”

I said, “There was a sound … huh? I wish if it was only that”.

She smiled and said, “My Bummy is very naughty’’

She got into the lift and pressed 5th floor button. All this while, Athena stood like a stubborn  ice who suddenly began melting  as the lift ceased to go up.

Athena put her paper down, in her right hand and said, “It was her”.

I said, “You heard all that?’’

“And more”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

Athena took a pause and said, “Because she thinks it is her sacred duty to wash her toilet windows everyday only when I choose to answer the nature’s call”.

“Huh? What is it that you were reading?”

“It is a complaint letter to our society?’’

‘’Common Athena, a complaint letter isn't your style and she won’t change at all, in spite of that’’.

“I’m modifying my style a bit because I’m no more 5 years old and I’m too busy  writing for HBZ, moreover someone who doesn't change after seeing all kinds of wastes and garbage on her car …obvio…”

“What? You threw all the waste out of your window?’’

‘’Ofcourse not, I only aim it at her car which fortunately stands right below my window”

“Hasn’t anyone seen you doing that? Doesn’t she know?’’

Opening the letter again Athena said, “I take precautions. However , when she was investigating the matter she’d questioned me the way she had questioned everyone else and I’d said that someone from above ….”

Disgusted at hearing that I said, “Do you realize, I stay above you?’’

“And there’s a terrace above you, anyone can get in there and throw waste just the way I did when I had to attack the larger circumference of her car”.

“Athena, one day I want to have a nice conversation with you and ask you, why are you the way you are? For now please tell me what were you doing with that complaint letter?”

“Evaluating, proof reading …. Not that I doubt the incurious nature of our building inhabitants who did not notice a serious issue of concern that this letter highlights and... they might not take it seriously … if you know what I mean….”


Hesitatingly Athena said, “My mom told me that she is convinced that I have gone mad to write this letter and thus become a subject of fun and stupidity in the annual general body meeting.”

Confused over all her words I simply said, “I think I should read the letter …. Can I?”

“Yes of course”
                                                                                                         Athena Graham
                                                                                                         7B, Eastwood society.
 The Managing Committee,
Eastwood society.

Subject: Would like to draw your attention at the life-threatening problems caused by the presence of a giant cat in our building.

Dear Members,
I’d first like to advise everybody to kindly undergo a checkup of their sensory organs, because if it were functioning properly I would've not been the first one to write this letter. Anyway, I’d like to bring a grave issue of concern to your notice (that should be taken seriously by any sane person); the presence of a giant cat in our building has made my life very difficult since a couple of months. This giant cat considers : screaming at odd hours of the day( actually I wouldn't be exaggerating if I’d say 24*7) its principal occupation. It cries, laughs, screams, sings or whatever it is ..  is extremely irritating , painful, depressing to hear a cat scream whole day. Even our watchmen are scared of it. It does not fear anyone...  I don’t hate animals but I sincerely feel that if anyone likes animals, they should take them home and make sure that no inconvenience is caused to any human around. My headache has reached its peak while that giant cat continues to scream and while... I write this letter. I request you to kindly look into the matter and get the cat out of the building by whichever means as soon as possible;before anyone's ears become immune to her screams and cries. I hope; the same ghost hasn't come back into this giant cat and.... I hope we don’t bestow a situation that upon the talking tree that compels it to break its 13 year long silence.

P.S : I am not threatening anyone.

Yours sincerely,
Athena Graham

Appreciating Athena’s decisiveness and smiling from within at her modified intelligence I said, “This letter is indescribable”.

She said,“I so needed this kick to stick to my decision … thank you… Advi…”

There came a roaring noise, “Advityaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….a….a..”

“Ohh No… that must be my mom … she needed these vegetables for today’s lunch…Bye Athena .. I must go. Uff … forget the lift, by the time it comes down I’ll reach…”

Running towards the staircase I told Athena, “One smile makes a huge difference , hence your letter is going to make a real huge difference”.

“What… what are you talking?’’

“Nothing , indescribable is the word … go and drop the letter in the letter box”.

I ran upstairs and Athena ran towards the drop box.On my way back home on the staircase I thought, “Irrespective of the outcome, decisions which one believes strongly  in , lead to, if not happiness , then satisfaction. Every happy person isn't satisfied but every satisfied person is happy”.

Again came the roar, “ ADVITYAAAAAAAAAAA……” This time it was louder and it came to a halt abruptly as I stood before her…

“I’m here and the vegetables are here.”

Picking up her bag and wearing her shoes she said, ‘’I’m late to office because of you…. Your phone was also switched off… cook yourself or order food and... pay yourself”.

 The doorbell just rang… It must be ‘Pritamwala’ with my Pav bhaji parcel.

“Yes I am not liking the fact that I've spent Rs.100 from my own pocket  but I’m satisfied because if I would've not decided on staying downstairs , I would've never written down this epic encounter .”

P.S: I now head to fix up my phone.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Be Bold Stay Real

If ever in life, your self confidence has been shattered in a fraction of a second OR you have questioned the purpose of your existence OR you’ve lost all the hope in life, then…. you are ‘the chosen one’!(Brownie points for all those who thought, this paragraph made no sense. ) You are the chosen one to read this article.

There’s a lot of back biting, stealing of ideas, favoritism happening at a lot of places while you read this article. We all have been victims of the same at least once in life, which later, becomes a stepping stone to your success only when you tackle it wisely; for which you need to be bold and stay real. Whichever way you go- with the flow or against it, retain your identity because it would be only then that you’d cherish the entire journey.

Wickedness, diplomacy, betrayal are the grim realities of life. There’s no person who hasn’t encountered any but it is only the bold who’ve survived through it.  There’s politics everywhere. People measure their success by scrutinizing the progress of their subordinates in the name of competition.

Being ‘bold’ is not being rebellious, blunt, outspoken in the eye of – ‘This is me, I’m what I’m’ - which is a classic reason to justify why things didn’t turn out your way. “I’m honest and there’s no place for people like me in this world… so be it.” – Only an incapable person speaks like this and he/she cannot be called bold.

 Imagine a script you’ve worked on for weeks is suddenly given to someone else to shoot.
One might simply tell the team leader, “This isn’t fair…. You can’t do this to me?”
Another person might say, “I will lodge a complaint against you, I’ll make sure this episode isn’t shot”.
While the other, might just go home and cry and blame it all on destiny.  If this is your real self… you are definitely not happy being real and if you aren’t happy , you aren’t real.. You first need to understand if it is deliberately done to put you down or it is because of some other genuine reason.  Think, will taking this shit explore more opportunities or it is going to get worse? If it is the latter, stand up for yourself because being bold is tackling a situation intelligently, not speaking too much but speaking wise. Be BOLD..

You cannot speak to a German person in Spanish, he/she won’t understand anything, hence speak in the language which people understand. Give them a taste of their medicine.  Modify yourself, do not change. It is only an insecure person who yells, the wise ones don’t need to. NOTE…Sometimes stepping away from the situation is the wise solution, and one should be bold enough to do that too. . 

Before being bold be real because not every bold person is real but every real person is bold. A painter can always create a duplicate of his work but it can never match the fineness of the prior. We are always best when we’re natural and spontaneous, in other words – when we’re ‘real’. We never face any conflict within and a clear conscience is the asset of satisfaction It is extremely important to be real; retain your own identity to be happy. Also, when you are real you believe in yourself. Hence, when you believe in  the advertising concept or a business plan you might pitch for , it is quite easy to make other’s believe in it .

Irrespective of the decision of the majority you are always satisfied when you do what you believe. . Not every happy person is satisfied but every satisfied person is happy.
So, stay real.

They say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You actually have no other choice as the only way to move ahead is being tough.

Yes tough people are bold and real but only in situations that demand them to be. So, analyze the situation and ‘Be Bold and Stay Real’ to make it a stepping stone to your success.
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

HR Menace.

What does an HR person do?

Since the inception of the realization –‘Now I have to enter the real world’ ,which was a year ago , the above mentioned question has grown to the size of a tumor in my brain, that is not shown on a X-Ray and has deviated  a lot of my veins /other vital organs up in there and has resulted in the creation of a planet. This ‘Tumor’ is a planet and is the universal homeland to all the HR people and their likes; whom I and those of you who would relate to my experiences have encountered respectively.

I’m sure a lot of you out there have had this ‘HR tumor’ planet once in their heads.
You want to get rid of it but you can’t…..unless you find a job.

 No, this isn't an imaginary planet because its tremors shake you up emotionally, spiritually and physically such that you question your existence.

This planet doesn't revolve and rotate 24*7 as it is unsure of its axis. It is situational. It emerges from nowhere only when you’re seeking a job.

Trust me 'HR tumor' is such!
Here we shall talk about all the aspects of the life form that exists on this planet.
Human creation was complimented by the feeling of ‘resentment’. Adam and Eve were the first ones to experience this feeling. A lot has been done since then to get rid of this feeling. First God sent Sadhu’s, Priests, Monks, then doctors and counselors. However with economical and scientific progress it was decided to create specialized species that were trained to murder 'resentment'. This time God did it all wrong.

A lot of these species didn't practise what they were taught and became the sole reason behind ‘Human Resentment’ (HR).  While some of the species did the ‘Human Resource’  part (for which they were created) , the others took asylum in this planet called- ‘HR Tumor’.

An HR person is supposed to identify a talent and make sure it gets its due.

Now-A-Days you don’t even end up talking to the HR person sometimes. The conversation is restricted to the receptionist who knows no head or tails of what you want. These receptionists are told not to transfer the call to the HR by the HR themselves.  Either the receptionist  gives you a general email id like  which mustn't have been checked since ages

OR  The receptionist would transfer you to some dark random extension which no one would answer as it would be specially designed for people seeking jobs. And at the end of it you would hear a “Leave your message” or the call would eventually go back to the receptionist and she would say, “XYZ isn't available now, please call after sometime. When you keep calling after every –‘after sometime’-type  answer , this  entire process is repeated again and again until the receptionist  saves your number and disconnects your call the next time you call her.

Worst case: The receptionist says, “Tell me whom do you want me to transfer to?”
You innocently answer, “Any relevant person would do as I don’t know anyone”.
Receptionist: “Sorry we aren't allowed to transfer calls if you don’t know the concerned person”.

THIS IS IT! You need contacts, a reference a Godfather most of the times.

If at all you manage to reach the  HR, they’d say ,  “we want experienced candidates”.
So if everyone wants experienced candidates all the fresher’s remain unemployed…. RIGHT? 
How about asking them- “How did you land up in your first job DARLING? Were you born with experience?”.  It is like GOD telling a couple, “Only experienced candidates are gifted with a child”.
Nice MBA schools and PG universities need experienced students, so in such a situation what does a fresher do?

These kinds of HR people might be employing their own people in the HR department as well.
They are the ones who reside on the ‘HR Tumor’ planet.

I don’t know whom to blame, the stupid receptionist, the lazy HR or the company? In my case and a few of my friends’, it’s the HR whom we always had to contact, hence the title of the post.  This post is applicable to all those Human Resentments out there in the eye of different positions.

Yes, there are those nice HR people in the real world but I yet have to meet them , when I do…. I will have another post .

For all of you who've got jobs through university placement cells , Congratulations!!
I’m happy for you if you think you've deserved it. You must know, there are a lot of deserving people who aren't ready to compromise with their talent and are struggling to carve their own way into their dreamland. I’m voicing my opinion through the perspective of those individuals.

Lastly I want to conclude this post on an inspiring note-
“The ‘HR Tumor’ planet will emerge sometime in life but you don’t have to get all depressed instead keep hitting all the time.  It’s only when you hit all the spots that you hit the right spot. You will meet a lot of retards but they will only make your life more biographical”.